Mexican American Baby Boy Names

When you find out you are having a son, it’s time to start thinking about what you'll name him. Start discussing options with your partner to pick out the right name that has meaning to your family. Use the opportunity to select a first or middle name that reflects his Mexican roots.

Popular Names

Choose one of the most popular names in Mexico to celebrate your son’s heritage. Some popular names include Juan, Jose, Francisco, Antonio, Alejandro, Rafael and Pedro. If you want to use the English version of a popular Mexican name, you can choose Michael instead of Miguel, John instead of Juan or Anthony instead of Antonio. These names will honor your son’s ties to Mexico whether they are chosen for his first or middle name.

Name Combinations

There are also a wide variety of name combinations that are popular in Mexico. According to, the most popular name combination in Mexico is Jose Luis -- and has been since 1930 1. Other well-liked name combinations for your Mexican-American son are Francisco Javier, Juan Carlos, Marco Antonio and Miguel Angel. Try pairing a popular American name with a popular Mexican name and make up your own name combination. Some of the most popular names given to boys in the United States are Jacob, Mason, Ethan, Noah and William.

Family Names

Name your son after his father, grandfather or other relative out of respect for that member of your family. If his grandfather’s name was Carlos or Manuel, consider those names for your son. You can choose the name beforehand or wait until your son is born to see if he resembles a family member. If your baby has his father’s eyes or his uncle’s nose, consider using their names as possible choices. If you need inspiration, use information from your son’s family tree to research possible names for your Mexican-American son.

Famous Mexicans

Learn about famous Mexican historical figures to select a name for your son. Name your son Octavio after Octavio Paz, who was a well-known writer, poet and diplomat who won the 1990 Nobel Prize for literature. Diego is beautiful name for a Mexican-American baby boy, and Diego Rivera was a famous Mexican painter who was known for his frescoes. Choose the name Manuel for your baby and name him after Manuel Maria Ponce, who was a 20th century Mexican composer and scholar.