Mega Bloks Instructions

Mega Bloks is a creative toy for children that aims to improve their motor skills and encourage creative play. The various Mega Blok sets are targeted to three different age groups: ages 0-3, ages 3-6, and ages 6 and up. Each age group has its own line of toys with different assembly options. They include more challenging play sets to keep children on their toes, and include special sets featuring a child's favorite TV characters.

Using Mega Bloks

The standard blocks work just like Lego pieces. The blocks are larger to make it easier for small children to grip them and put them together. Take one block and push the rounded tips of one end into the open end of the next block. Certain Mega Bloks sets come with a plastic storage bin with rounded tips on top. Blocks can be assembled on top of the storage bin by pushing the open end over the rounded tips. This creates a sturdy surface for children to build on.

Mega Bloks Mega Play

The Mega Bloks Mega Play kits include My Own Home! and Adventure Castle, which are both assembled in a similar fashion. Large, square blocks make up the walls. You'll notice they have the same round tips on one end found on other Mega Bloks. Assemble the walls by pushing these pieces together, just as you would regular blocks. Experiment with different combinations to make longer or shorter homes. Apply the stickers from the Mega Bloks kit onto smooth surfaces of the blocks and pieces. Flat pieces with rounded tips are included to create a flat foundation to build on.

Mega Bloks Small Kits

Mega Blok's collection of smaller kits, for ages 3 to 6, allow youngsters to improve their motor skills. The blocks still fit together by inserting the rounded tips into the open end of another block, or pressing the open end down onto the tips of a block. The difference is the size. Smaller blocks require children to concentrate to assemble them. When assembled correctly, the kits can build tiny tree houses, cars or even submarines. Each features different characters for children to play with. For assembly ideas, examine the pictures on the box. They show what the finished product can look like, but remember there is no wrong way to assemble the kit.


While Mega Bloks can be used by children of all ages, there are certain warnings to keep in mind. Kits with small pieces should not be given to children under 3 years of age, as they pose a choking hazard. Blocks should be put together on a flat surface, and not stacked so high they could topple over onto the child's head. When using kits like the My Own House! kit, which are built to be taller than the child, do not let children hang on the blocks. Standing on the blocks should not be permitted as they can crack and break. Finally, use mild soap and water to wash the blocks, not a solvent.