How to Make Tight Curls With a Wand

If you are bored with your super-straight hair, a clipless curling wand can add a little va-va-voom and glamour to your strands. Unlike your basic old-school curling iron, a wand curler creates lush and tight curls without the unsightly crimps that can come from an iron with a clamp attachment. A head full of tight and nonuniform curls can be the perfect ultra-feminine hairstyle for a special date or running your weekend errands.

Wash and condition your hair using products for your hair type. Blow dry hair using a paddle brush and a blow dryer, set on medium heat, to create a smooth foundation for your curls.

Turn on your 3/4- to 1-inch curling wand. Take a 2- to 3-inch section of hair. A smaller piece of hair wrapped around the wand creates tighter curls 2. Mist the section of hair with a heat protectant spray.

Twist the hair around the clipless curling ward vertically. To avoid burning your fingers, use a rubber or plastic comb to hold the ends of the hair in place against the wand. After seven to 10 seconds, slide the wand out of the hair to create tight curls.

Repeat until you curl all your hair. Let the curls cool for 20 minutes to set the style.

Spritz a shine serum on your fingertips. Rake the product through your curls to add shine and create bounce. Maintain your curls' shape by spraying hair with a strong-hold hairspray.


For fine hair, set the curling wand temperature to low heat. If you have coarse or thick hair, use high heat to curl your strands.


Never curl wet hair. You may burn or break your dampened strands beyond repair.