How to Make a Remote Control Car for Children

Remote-control cars have been a favorite toy for children for years. They are even collectible items for some kid-at-heart adults. Remote-control cars can be found in almost any make and model of vehicles made today, as well as futuristic fantasy styles 1. These fun cars can be found in toy stores, department stores, gift shops, and others at a wide range of prices. However, if you enjoy crafts or do-it-yourself projects, you can make a remote-control car yourself 1.

Glue the the battery pack on top of one of the card boxes.

Place your 9-volt battery in the battery pack/holder. Tape the battery to the top of the box.

Attach the two motors. Get your second card box and glue the two motors on opposite ends of the box sides. Punch a small hole through both sides of the box for the fan attachments. Put the fans on the outside of the motors through the holes. You can see the assembly for the fan and motor in the instructions from the package.

Insert the radio transmitter in the battery pack on the box.

Attach the radio transmitter; it comes with its own battery pack. (Use a watch battery.) Attach the black wire on the right side and the red one on the left side of the battery pack. Secure the radio transmitter into the battery pack. Place the small fuse from the package in the back of the battery pack and the transmitter.

Hook the radio transmitter to the car motors with the red and black wires.

Punch holes through the front and back of the back card box with the motors and the back of the card box that will be the front of the car. Insert the wooden flimsy sticks and secure them with glue. Put the wheels on the sticks with glue.


You may choose to paint the car and decorate it. The remote control should be purchased along with the transmitter.