How to Make a Megaphone for Kids

A megaphone is a way to make the mundane trip to the backyard or park to play a few notches more exciting 1. Your child can simply enjoy the sound of her own voice as she yells into it, pretend she is a ringmaster in a circus, cheer at a sibling’s athletic game or call out instructions as she pretends she is a film director. With a few simple supplies, you can make a megaphone with your child that can open up doors to her imagination 1.

Decorate the outside of the megaphone paper or poster board with crayons, markers, colored pencils, water colors, poster paints or general craft paint. If your child is planning to use the megaphone to cheer for a favorite team, color the outside with patterns and logos related to the team in its own colors 1. You can also hang ribbons from it after you punch a hole and tie them on. Sprinkle glitter on it or add stickers to give it some extra pizazz.

Lay the poster board or thick paper out on a flat surface, decorated side down. Let any paint or glue dry first. Start rolling the paper up from one corner. As you roll the paper or poster board up, it should take on the shape of a cone. If you start from the short or long edge of the paper, the megaphone will simply be a cylinder 1. This shape does not carry your child’s voice as far or amplify it as much as a cone shape.

Tape the edge of the poster board or paper securely. This prevents the megaphone from unrolling. Use tape that is strong enough to handle the weight of the paper or poster board you use. Glue typically will not work as well as tape will for this project.


Print megaphone patterns from craft websites that are already pre-decorated if you want some inspiration. You can also do this project with regular copier or construction paper, but it will not be as durable. If you use lighter weight paper, you can also use glue to hold the shape of the megaphone. Attach a light handle pull to poster board with brads if you want the megaphone to be a bit more realistic.

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