How to Make a Hole Plug for a Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is a symbol of financial responsibility. When many children are young, they receive a piggy bank. They are taught to save money from birthdays, holidays, and odd jobs to purchase items they want while they are growing up. Generally, these piggy banks have a hole plug on the underside which holds the money in place until it is time to purchase that very special item. However, sometimes piggy bank owners lose the rubber stopper which is specifically made for the piggy bank. Replacing it, however, isn't difficult.

Molding Clay

Pull off a small amount of molding clay. Molding clay comes in a brick or bucket or package. Remove a small amount that you think will be enough to fit into the piggy bank hole.

Form the clay into a shape which will plug the hole. The clay should have a flat base, and a thick column protruding upward. Picture a tall glass sitting atop a saucer plate to get the shape in your head.

Test the shape in the hole of the piggy bank. The molding clay should slide in the hole with the flat portion sitting securely against the bottom. The moisture of the clay will allow it to stick to the piggy bank.

Allow the clay to dry in place. As molding clay air dries it will harden into place, thus plugging the hole of the piggy bank. The downside to this solution is that it only works once as the clay will crumble as you try and remove it later on to get the money. It must be repeated next time you want to secure the piggy bank, but it works as an effective plug for the hole in the mean time.


Place the female (not hooked) end of the Velcro against the hole of the piggy bank. Notice how much Velcro in a square shape is needed to surround the hole. Cut the female piece to that size.

Cut a male piece of Velcro, the hooked side, to the same square size as the female piece of the Velcro.

Slice the female end of the Velcro into four equal strips which will be placed on each side of the circular hole. Some Velcro is made with a non-stick back for items where the Velcro can be sewn on to clothing, while other types of Velcro are made with a sticky back on either the female side, or both sides. The female sided sticky back Velcro is referred to as Velcro tape.

Peel the paper away from the sticky back of the Velcro tape and affix around the piggy bank hole. Velcro tape has a thin piece of paper covering the adhesive to protect the stickiness 1.

Stick the male side of the Velcro on the female side to secure it and seal the hole.


Heavy duty Velcro is sometimes referred to industrial strength Velcro. Check the packaging for more information about how much weight the Velcro can support. Use heavy duty or industrial weight Velcro because once the piggy bank is full, the Velcro may need to support the weight of many coins.

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