How to Make a Diaper Bear

Newborns need diapers -- and lots of them. Instead of bringing a big, boring box of diapers to your next baby shower, bring a diaper bear instead. This unique gift will serve as a cute centerpiece while also providing new parents with a starter stash of newborn diapers. You'll also get a lot of compliments for your thoughtful and creative hand-made gift.

Place a stack of about 10 diapers on its side in a sauce pot. Fan the diapers to the edge of the pot, keeping the waist band in the center. Add more diapers until the pot is completely filled and the diapers have formed a spiral roll.

Tie a string around the diapers or wrap them with a large rubber band. This makes the belly of the bear.

Place another stack of about 10 diapers on its side in a slightly smaller soup pot. Repeat the steps for the bear's belly to create another diaper roll. This slightly smaller roll will be the head of the bear.

Wrap each diaper roll with a piece of wide ribbon in the color of your choosing. Brown is traditional for a bear, but if you know the sex of the baby, you can choose blue for a boy or pink for a girl. The ribbon will hide the string or rubber band used to keep the roll together. Glue the ends of the ribbon with white glue. Do not glue the ribbon to the diapers.

Roll up a diaper and secure it with a small rubber band. Start from the waist band of the diaper and roll inward toward the seat.

Roll up five more diapers using the same process. These six rolled diapers will be the arms, legs and ears of the bear.

Wrap each of the individually rolled diapers in a piece of wide ribbon. Glue the ends with white glue.

Turn the large diaper roll to be used for the belly on its side. Tuck one rolled diaper under the right side of the roll and one under the left side of the roll. Secure them in place with double-sided tape.

Turn the smaller diaper roll to be used for the head on its side and place it on top of the belly. Secure it with several pieces of double-sided tape.

Attach a rolled diaper to each side of the belly with double-sided tape to form the arms. Be sure to attach the rolls at their long side so that you see the top of the roll when you are looking at the bear.

Attach a rolled diaper to each side of the head with double-sided tape to form the ears, in the same manner as the arms.

Place googly eyes on the front of the head roll with double-sided tape.

Attach a large, black pom pom with double-sided tape just below the eyes to make the nose.

Tuck a pacifier into the layers of diapers in the head roll so that it looks like the bear is sucking on it.

Tie a bib around the bear's neck.

Make two small bows with thin ribbon and attach them to the head with double-sided tape. This is an optional step that you can leave out if your cake is intended for a boy or you want it to be gender neutral.


Be creative with your choice of ribbon colors and accessories for the bear. You can choose different patterns, bibs with cute expressions like "I Love Mommy" or flowery hair ornaments for the head.


Don't use glue to attach any items to the diapers or else they won't be usable after the bear is taken apart.