How to Make a Car With a Water Bottle

Making a toy car out of a plastic water bottle is a wonderful activity for a snow day, or a rainy summer day when your children cannot play outside. Saving empty bottles for this kind of activity is a great way to recycle these bottles.These home-made cars can be made from items that are available in every home and is simple enough for even pre-school age children to be able to participate. Each child can use their own creativity to make their car and then they can have races when the cars are completed.

Take a sharpened pencil, a pair of scissors or an ice pick and stick a hole in each side of the water bottle. Make sure the hole is even on each side, this is for the pretend wheel bearing that we will use the unsharpened pencils for. Make a total of four holes in each water bottle.

Force the unsharpened pencil through the two holes, so that it sticks out each side of the water bottle evenly. Wiggle the pencil back and forth, so that the hole enlarges enough to allow the pencil to roll when the car is being pushed. Put one pencil in front for the front wheels and one in the back for the rear wheels.

Preheat the hot glue gun and add a small dot of hot glue to one end of the pencil. The parent should do this part, or supervise older children. Quickly add a bottle cap to each end of the pencil and hold it in place till it dries. Then repeat until you have added all four wheels.

Add a fifth bottle cap for a steering wheel by adding a drop of hot glue and standing the cap up while it dries in place.

Allow the children to color their bottles with the permanent markers. They can paint the wheels black and add a bit of silver marker for the wheels. They may want to write their names on their car, or add lightening bolts or other shapes and designs.