How to Make Barbie Jewelry

How to Make Barbie Jewelry. Jewelry enhances a Barbie outfit and creates a unique look. Of course, Barbie jewelry must be tiny, since Barbie herself is so small.


Make bracelets using wire or fine string.

Close the wires or tie the strings with the bracelet on Barbie's wrist.

Secure it tightly so that the bracelet cannot slip off over Barbie's hand.

Design a bracelet using elastic string and small beads.

Tie the elastic while the bracelet is on Barbie's wrist.

Be sure the elastic is just slightly stretched when the bracelet is on Barbie's wrist so that it will stay on.


Use small beads or other decorative items (such as small charms or tiny pendants) and short straight pins to make earrings.

Push the pin through the decorative item and into Barbie's earlobe. Do not use this method if children will be playing with the Barbie since the pin could come out.

Glue small decorative items onto Barbie's earlobes for non-removable earrings.


Create necklaces using tiny beads and fine wire. (You can also use fine string.)

Cut the wire to the length you desire.

Slip the beads onto the wire and twist the wire closed, snipping off any excess.

Slide some beads over the closure to cover it up.

Make necklaces the size of chokers - remove the doll's head to slip it on the neck.

Try using elastic string for necklaces that will stretch when pulled over Barbie's head.

Cut a length of fine ribbon and add one or two small glass or metal beads to it. Tie the ribbon, snipping off any excess, and use it as a fancy necklace.

Things You Will Need

  • Ribbons
  • Small Beads
  • Glues
  • Short Straight Pins
  • Scissors
  • Modeling Clays
  • Fine String
  • Elastic Strings
  • Needle-nose Pliers
  • Barbie Dolls
  • small, compartmentalized plastic containers