How to Get Loose Curls Fast in the Morning

You were dreaming of your luscious loose curls waving in the seaside breeze only to awaken to a horrifying case of bed head. With a limited amount of time to get ready in the morning, don't let your hair routine become a hair-raising experience. Keep a curl-enhancing spray and a curling iron on hand and you can turn your hair from scraggly to sumptuous in just a matter of minutes. Add some hairspray to the routine and the loose curls you were dreaming of will soon be yours for the day.

Spritz your dry hair lightly with water, being sure to include the ends.

Rub a pea-sized amount of mousse onto your palms and work the product through thick hair to control frizz. For thinner or straight hair, apply mousse onto your fingertips and gently massage near your scalp and the work the product down to the ends. This will help volumize the roots so that curls appear bouncy.

Turn your head upside down and quickly blow-dry your hair. Put your fingers through the roots and lift the hair as you apply the heat. Scrunch your hair through your fingers as you dry. This motion is a precursor to the curling iron.

Turn on the curling iron and let it heat up 1.

Take a 2-inch section of hair around your face. Clamp the hot curling iron onto the bottom of the hair at a 45-degree angle.

Twirl the curling iron back and away from your face and hold for a few seconds.

Repeat sectioning and curling the hair around the face.

Gather the side curls near the face and pin them on top of your head with a plastic clip.

Section the remainder of hair into 2-inch strips.

Place the curling iron at the bottom of a hair section. Hold the iron perpendicular to the floor.

Wind the curling iron up the hair shaft. Hold for a few second and then release the curling iron. There is no need to unroll the iron; simply pump the clasp and the hair will fall away from the iron.

Continue sectioning the rest of the hair and curling all the way around the bottom of the head.

Release the clip holding the curls on the top of your head. Blend the curls altogether using your fingers to comb through and gently loosen the curls.

Apply a medium-hold hairspray around your entire head.


Naturally tight curls benefit from a leave-in conditioner at least once a week.

Shampoo only once or twice a week if your hair's natural curl pattern is tighter than you'd like.

Place a few drops of lavender to your water spritzer to waken your senses in the morning.


Make sure to unplug your curling iron before leaving the house.

Be careful the hot curling iron does not touch your scalp.

Never touch the curling iron barrel with your fingers when plugged in.