List of Types of Paper Airplanes

Paper airplanes can come in many forms 123. There are untold numbers of ways to fold a paper airplane, as new ones are thought of every day 3. Paper airplanes can be used as personal fun, good times with friends and for competition 12. Design your own paper airplane in any way you like 3. Create a new pattern or model your design after a real plane. No matter what plane you build you will enjoy watching it fly.

Beginner Planes

Beginner planes are simple designs that almost anyone can build. The most common paper airplane, as the easiest to make, is the Arrow 3. The Dart is also a common paper airplane as it is very similar to the Arrow 3. The Glider is also common and glides very well with it's large wing area. The Delta Fighter looks more like a real fighter plane because it is designed with a pilot's cockpit.

Intermediate Planes

Intermediate planes are for those looking for a challenge and to make a more precise airplane. The Canard can float long and straight and get its name from the small wings located at the front of the plane called "canards". The Bullet flies fast and far, but is not very stable in its flight. It has a thin design with compact folds, which need very accurate and firm creases to help the plane fly well.The Raptor is a glider that, when launched straight up in the air, will glide down in slow, big circles.

Advanced Planes

Advanced paper airplanes are for the more competitive type 12. They come in all different shapes and are better fliers that the simple designs. The Interceptor includes a central vertical stabilizer and fuselage that produces straight and long flights. The Bulldog is named for its compact nose which keeps the center of gravity forward in flight, making the plane stable. From the top, the Trap Glider has the shape of a trapezoid. It is a stable flier with its weight forward and large wings.

Unusual Planes

Unusual designs exist in many forms of paper airplanes 12. No matter how you fold you airplane, if it flies, you will have fun. The Triplet gets its name from the Blue Angel air shows. It looks like 3 planes joined together in flight. The Airliner 717 is modeled after a real Boeing 717. This paper airplane doesn't fly well, but has a great look for a display 3. The ALCM flies like a missile and can be launched by hand or using a straw.

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