List of Grants for Single Mothers

Raising a child single-handedly can be very challenging, both mentally and financially. If you are a single mother who's struggling, or you know of someone who needs help, this is the perfect place to look. This article lists several grants available to single mothers, along with links to various resources around the Web 12

School Grants

There are dozens of grants and scholarships available for single mothers who want to continue their education 1. Whether you want to get your GED, go to college, or get a master's degree, an education grant can help you achieve your goal.

Housing Grants

Housing grants are available to single mothers who fall into a certain income bracket 1. A housing grant is normally a check that's mailed to you each month to cover a portion of your rent. Amounts vary based on income and child support, but generally they are a huge help for a struggling single mother.

Day-Care Grants

If you're a single mother who's working full time, but finds that paying for day care is still making a nasty dent in your bank account, these can be a godsend. Grants can pay for all or part of the cost of day care, and allow you a bit of financial freedom as you work full time to support your family 1.

Health Insurance Grant

Single mothers who are struggling to provide health care for their children can seek help from their state in finding out whether they are eligible for free health care. States such as New York offer all children health care at no charge, but benefits vary.

Utilities Grants

During the winter months, electric bills can soar sky-high. Single mothers should check with their oil, gas and electric companies to see whether vouchers are offered that reduce monthly bills.


Grants vary by state and almost always take hard work to get 1. If you aren't approved for one grant, don't be discouraged. Apply again, and continue to apply for others. Most grants are based on income, and almost all require you to be a legal resident 1.