Library Month Crafts for Kids

The library is a special place for a child; a place to discover magic forests and mythical lands, and to become an enchanted princess or a dashing pirate. Help your child celebrate fairy tales and imaginative stories on the library shelves as you cozy up at the craft table for story and book-themed activities and some one-on-one time together.


Help your child make a variety of bookmarks to help her mark her place in every book she is reading. She can make a bookmark from an ordinary sheet of construction paper. Just dress it up with paint, markers, stickers or glitter and glue -- and voila -- the placeholder is complete. You can also help her make a stiff felt bookmark. Cut the felt to size and help her spray it with a stiffening spray. Once the felt is dry, she can decorate it with felt shapes, fabric paint or glitter. Have your child make an elegant ribbon bookmark for her favorite storybook. Start with a piece of 3- to 4-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon and cut it to the length you want. Use pinking shears to make decorative edges. Ask her to write her name or she can write a cute quote or the title of her favorite storybook on the ribbon. She can use metallic fabric pens and embellish the bookmark with decorative metallic pen decals.

Storybook Making

Celebrate library month with a storybook-making craft that will encourage your child to explore his creativity. You can write a simple story together -- a story about a trip to the library is a fitting plot for the book -- and then make the book from folded sheet of construction paper or card stock. You will need a sheet for the cover and one more for every four pages of your book 2. Help your child make holes along the folded edge of the book with a hole punch and use ribbon to secure the pages together. He can write the story himself or you can write the story while he provides the illustrations 2. Don't confine the artwork to crayons and pencil crayons -- encourage your child to embellish each picture with felt cutouts, foam shapes and other decorative craft supplies to make the storybook a tactile sensory experience.

Library Book Tote

She will never have to worry again about losing a library book when she can carry them to the library in a tote bag she makes. You can make the tote bag from a folded place mat or a sheet of canvas -- just sew up the side seams and add a strap -- or pick up a plain canvas tote bag, and she can use her imagination to decorate the tote any way she wishes. She can recreate her favorite story scene on the bag with fabric paint and markers, embellishing the border around the tote bag with silk flower trim, or cover the entire bag in satin ribbon bows. Keep a space of the front or back of the tote open to write, “(Child’s Name's) Special Library Book Tote."

Story Ornaments

Help your child make story-themed ornaments to show off with pride. You can make ornaments of all your child's favorite storybook characters from poster board. Draw and cut out the characters, and then have your child decorate the figures, threading a ribbon through the top of each one 2. Transform the ornaments into a mobile for your child's room by hanging the ornament from string and attaching each string to a clothes hanger to secure to the ceiling. You can also make salt dough ornaments to hang on the wall. Make the dough from 1 cup of flour and a 1/2-cup each of salt and water. Roll out the dough and cut out common storybook shapes, such as bears and wolves.