Kids Playgrounds in the Milwaukee Area

With its big city population and scenic location along Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is home to many parks. Whether it's a sandy shore along the lake or an enormous gym with swings and climbing equipment, a variety of playgrounds are nestled amid the natural beauty of Milwaukee, and they all offer diverse activities for your little one.

Carver Park

The Carver Park (, on Brown Street near downtown Milwaukee, is more than just a children's playground 123. In addition to the huge play gym, this park boasts an indoor baseball practice facility, outdoor baseball diamond, basketball courts, soccer fields and a splash park complete with a kiddie pool. You'll find plenty of space to enjoy a picnic with your child in one of the open grass areas or covered pavilions.

Bradford Beach

Bradford Beach ( is a scenic park off of Lincoln Memorial Drive along Lake Michigan 123. It's a beautiful place to spend the day with your little one in tow. Your child will enjoy climbing the large rocks that border the sandy beach, splashing in Lake Michigan and watching the older kids and adults play beach volleyball. The paved Oak Leaf Trail that runs along the beach is the perfect place to enjoy a walk or bicycle ride.

Estabrook Park

This northern Milwaukee park ( offers a variety of activities to keep your little one busy 123. Bring along sandbox tools so your child can build a castle on the sand floor of the playground. The Oak Leaf Trail also runs through this park, allowing you to enjoy a walk with your tot. Picnic areas can be found all along the lagoon.

Grant Park

Grant Park ( -- another park along the shores of Lake Michigan -- borders a golf course in South Milwaukee and has plenty for your little one to explore 123. Four play areas, separated into age-appropriate play gyms, can be found on the grounds of this 380-acre park, which includes a handicap-accessible playground called Wil-O-Way. Bridges and streams intersect with the 7 Bridges Hiking Trail, creating a scenic area to enjoy a walk.

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