How to Keep Bees Away From a Swing Set

While Disney movies depict sweet images of the "birds and the bees" flying in between lofty trees and low-hanging branches in the spring, bees can be very dangerous. Known to swarm at times, in highly pollinated areas like trees, flower patches and uncut grassy areas, a innocent child who's startled by a bee swarm is prone to instinctively swat them away. However, swatting causes bees to feel threatened and they aggressively defend themselves by stinging their attacker. If you have play area, like a swing set, and want to bee proof the vicinity for the safety of your children there are solutions. However, you should always sit down with your children and educate them on the behavior of bees and what they should do if bees come around.

Thing You can Do

Move your kids swing set away from water. Bees require water to cool their hives, especially in the summer, so they are likely to choose places that are near water, like lakes, fountains and bird bathes, to build their hive.

Keep your lawn mowed. Bees like grassy areas to rest in and collect nectar from small flowers.

Move or keep trash receptacles covered that are near the play area. Waste like old fruit rinds, soda cans and anything else that smells sweet attract bees.


Herbal bee repellents, like tea tree oil or a combination of lemongrass, peppermint oil and citronella, are safe to use around kids and are naturally repulsive to bees. Try spraying the herbal repellent on tree branches or anywhere around your kids' play area. You may also dab a little herbal repellent on your kids' wrists, collars or in their hair.

Store-bought repellents like Bee-Tour, contain an unpleasant odor that drives bees away. This product maintains its potency for weeks and can be used in any area where bees and flies swarm.

If you find the bees won't go away and they continue to plague your kids' play area, move your swing set or use an insecticide on the bee hive to permanently get rid of the bees. Insecticide should be used in the late evening or at night when the bees are calm in their hive. Spray or cover the hive entrance with insecticide and then quickly return inside. Within a few days the bees will be gone.

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