How to Get Free Infant Car Seats

Baby paraphernalia can be expensive, and car seats are no exception. It is imperative that you have one suitable for the age and weight of your infant, not only for his safety, but because it is a law in all 50 states that if riding in a motor vehicle, the child must be in an infant car seat 1. You can obtain a free infant car seat from a number of organizations if you cannot afford this necessary safety device.

Check with your obstetrician or pediatrician. They might know where free car seats are available in your county.

Contact the Safe Kids department in your area. They may provide a free car seat if they have any available or allow you to purchase one for a small fee based on the individual department guidelines.

Get in touch with your local police department or the hospital in your town, as suggested by the Safer Child website. Each year they receive grants to assist low-income families with children to receive training in the proper placement of child safety seats and often have free or inexpensive car seats available.

Use the services at your place of worship. Often churches and synagogues will assist low-income families with necessary items for their children, such as baby formula, clothing and often car seats. Even if they do not have such a program, they can spread the word, and someone might give you a slightly used car seat.

Check with your health insurance carrier. Carriers will often provide a mother covered under their policy with a safety seat for her soon-to-be-born child. Many health insurance carriers do this as a preventive measure; it ensures the safety of the infant and will prevent higher insurance costs later.

Check with your town’s municipal office. It is likely to have a program available where you can locate a free car seat or it can otherwise direct you to a company that will.