Indoor Group Games for Teens

It is common for teenagers to hold indoor gatherings for youth groups, school clubs and birthday parties. At these group gatherings, games are often a part of the day's agenda. Encourage teens to participate in indoor games as a way to introduce themselves to each another and to build new friendships.

Hidden Caller

Have one teen hide somewhere in the house with his cell phone. Turn off all the lights in the house. Provide teens with flashlights. Tell them that they must work together and search the entire house to find the teen who has hidden. The teens can use their cell phones to ask the hidden teen for hints about his location. Remind teens that they only get three hints. Once they have found the teen, give another teen the chance to hide.

Perfect Impersonator

Tell teens to think of a person to impersonate. The person can be anyone from a teacher to a friend's parent to a celebrity. Have the teens write down the name of the person they will impersonate and to put it in their pockets. Then, tell teens one by one that they can stand up and perform their impersonations. The teen must give his paper to the teen who guesses his impersonation correctly. The teen who guesses the most impersonations wins the game.

Shoe ID

Have teens take off their shoes and throw them in a large pile in the middle of the floor. On the word "Go,” every teen must grab a shoe from the pile and find the teen who has the matching shoe. Have each teen find out five facts about the person. Once they are done, tell teens to form a circle. Teens must introduce the person they found and share their three facts with the rest of the group.

Word Back

Have teens pair up. Ask a volunteer from each pair to come up front. Write down a word on a piece of paper and show it to the volunteers. The volunteers must keep the word a secret. Then, have the volunteers go back to their partners and trace the word on their partner's back with their finger. When the partner figures out the word, he must be the first to raise his hand and share his answer. If the word is correct, the pair wins. If the word is incorrect, continue playing until the partner guesses the word correctly.

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