How to Include a Teen Girl in a Wedding

Among the many sources of stress when planning a wedding, you have to fill all the roles and dole out responsibilities to family members and close friends. Some roles, like ring bearer and flower girl, traditionally go to children, while others are reserved for adults. If you have a teen daughter or other teen girl you want to include in your wedding, don't despair -- there are a number of appropriate roles that bestow responsibility and the honor of inclusion.

  1. Designate the teen girl a bridesmaid if she's 15 or older or a junior bridesmaid if she's 13 or 14. If she's at least 15 but doesn't feel comfortable being a bridesmaid, she can still be a junior bridesmaid.

  1. Invite the junior bridesmaid to the wedding shower and take her shopping for the wedding gown. Have her wear a dress that's similar to that of the bridesmaids. Allow her to attend ceremony and dinner rehearsals, assist the ushers during the ceremony, walk down the aisle and stand at the altar with the bridesmaids, and stand in the receiving line.

  1. Make the teen girl a female usher. The role traditionally goes to males, so if yours is a traditional wedding, this might not be well-suited to the event. Otherwise, go right ahead. She should wear something to match the bridesmaids or a black dress to complement the male ushers' tuxes.

  1. Have your teen girl usher escort male guests to their seats by the arm. She can roll out the aisle runner if you're using one and make herself available to provide any information and assistance needed by guests.

  1. Give the teen girl the role of bride's attendant or groom's attendant. She can help out with all sorts of errands, tasks and planning to facilitate preparation, and she should be on hand in the hours leading up to the ceremony to assist in any possible ways.

  1. Invite the teen girl to give a speech or recite a prayer or poem during the ceremony or the reception.