Imaginarium Marble Race Instructions

Children love to be creative while they play. The Imaginarium Marble Race set allows children to build towers of connecting marble race track to customize a fun and mesmerizing activity 1. Kids can create a track that allows them to enjoy the sights and sounds as they drop a marble into the top and watch it roll through twists, loops and spinners. Imaginarium Marble Race is a perfect activity for a group of kids; they can each help build the tower and race their marbles to the finish 1.

Getting Ready to Roll

Unpack the Imaginarium Marble Race set pieces and keep the marbles in the box until you are ready to race 1.

Place the base pieces on a flat surface so you can build without your tower leaning or tipping over. The more base pieces you use, the more stable your race track's foundation.

Build your tower using any variety of the connectors. A connector piece will connect two towers together. Be creative when connecting; some track connectors may speed your marble up, like the loop or twist, if you're racing your friends or family.

Build your tower higher using the extender pieces. All of the set pieces connect easily together by sliding the slimmer top of the piece into the open bottom part.

Complete your track by connecting a start piece to the top of all the towers. This is where you'll drop your marble to begin the race. These pieces have a flipper that releases the marble to eliminate racers from getting a head start, but you can also drop your marble through the hole found in the middle of the piece if you're not racing.

Release your marble and watch as it coasts through your maze of connectors. The first marble to reach a base piece wins.


Imaginarium Marble Race does include small parts and is considered hazardous to children under 3 years of age.