Ideas for Silly Activities for Family Fun Night at School

A family fun night at school should be the complete opposite of the more serious parent-teacher conference nights where parents learn of their child's progress. If you are involved in planning parent activities at your child's school, make sure that your family fun night includes plenty of goofy activities and silly games that ensure both children and parents have a good time.

Parents Vs. Kids Games

Get the parents and kids acting silly together in a variety of wacky games. Plan parents versus kids relay races. Kids will have a good laugh watching their parents do things like a crab walk, crawling under tables, and hula hooping. Have a giant floor puzzle competition with the kids all working together against all the parents to put a puzzle together first. You could also have a game show testing parents with grade school educational questions that the children are learning in school.

Parent-Child Team Activities

Pair up parents with their children for fun family competitions. You could have the teams race to build the tallest tower out of connecting toy blocks within a certain time frame. You could also have a parent-child version of the newlyweds game, where the parents answer questions about their child and the children do the same about their parents. If the parent and child both have the correct answer for the same question, they get a point.

Arts and Crafts

Set up an arts and crafts area where kids and parents can work on a variety of crafts. One idea is to have ceramic figurines that parents and children can paint together. Another idea is to set up giant canvas and have everyone draw something positive on it and sign their name. It can be hung up somewhere in the school as a reminder of the family fun night.

Decade Fashion Show

Have the fashion show for the kids in which the parents dress up in clothing that was popular in the decade when they were in elementary school. The kids are sure to get a kick out of seeing their parents in outdated outfits. You can also turn it into a contest, with the kids voting on the top three outfits. Alternately, you can have the kids dress up in clothing from their parent's era for the fashion show.