Ideas for Making a Loft Into a Baby Nursery

From the moment you learned you were pregnant, you've probably been dreaming of what your baby's nursery is going to look like. Create the nursery you've longed for, even if the space in your home is limited. Even a loft can be transformed into a cozy little nursery, but there are some safety issues to address first.

Railing Safety

One of the first things to think about when converting a loft space into a nursery is the railings that run along the space. These will need to be checked for safety and baby-proofed. Measure the gap between each rail to ensure that's it's less than 2 3/8 inch wide, advises the Home Institute 5. A balcony railing should be sturdy and no less than 34 inches high, notes the Home Maintenance website 6. Never place your baby's crib or furniture near the railing, to prevent falls.

Stair and Window Safety

Babies seem drawn to stairs, so consider the safety of the stairs leading up to your loft. To prevent falls, your stairs should have handrails on each side, be well-lit and have safety gates installed at the top and the bottom, according to the Mayo Clinic 1. The safety gate at the top of your stairs should be attached directly to the wall. Any windows in your loft nursery will need to be locked and have safety screens or guards in place. Avoid placing anything under a window that your baby can use to crawl up to the window on.

Saving Space

Usually a loft is limited in space, so you may have to get creative. Opt for furniture that's multifunctional, such as a dresser that doubles as a changing table or a crib that has a built in changing table at the end. Choose baby items, such as bouncy seats and swings that can be folded for storage to take up less space when they're not being used. Take advantage of your wall space to hang shelves, diaper bags and even items such as laundry bags. Purchase collapsible baskets that you can use to store baby items in under the crib or on shelves.

Decorating Tips

Use some tricks to make the nursery look larger and more roomy. Paint the ceiling and walls light or neutral colors. Create the illusion of more space by hanging a mirror on the wall. Leave the windows uncovered or opt for light filtering blinds or window coverings to allow more light through. Make the nursery more personal by adding family photos to the walls or by having a special mural painted on the wall just for your baby.