Ideas for a Child's Birthday With a Native American Theme

Excite your son or daughter with a Native American birthday theme party. Add some fun and creative Native American themed crafts for each one to complete as a bonus to the festivity. Simple decorations create the feel of an Indian camp, while the food helps round out the event.

Teepee Treats

Instead of a birthday cake, use teepee treats as your main dessert dish. Frost the outside of waffle or sugar cones. Place them in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then, remove them from the freezer and decorate with cake decorating tubes using a round, piping tip. Draw a door and zigzags around the bottom edge. Insert three toothpicks in the pointed end to create the log poles. Place in the fridge until serving time. Remove from the fridge. Place a pea-sized dot of frosting on the very tip of the teepee. Insert a birthday candle in the frosting.

Feather Garland

Hang a homemade Native American Indian paper feather garland to enhance the feel of the party. Make homemade feathers from construction paper, freezer paper or from brown paper. Cut a feather template from lightweight cardboard. Make the feather 2-by 8-inches. Make diagonal cuts along the edges of the feathers that are 3/4-inch deep and 1/8-inch wide. Staple the feathers to a long piece of heavy white packaging string or fishing line. Repeat the feather making process until you have enough feathers to place them two to three inches apart. Hang over the food table, doorways, windows and so on.

Native American Indian Headdress

Help promote the Native American Indian spirit by allowing your child and their friends to make a homemade Native American Indian headdress. Draw and cut out several templates of a feather from lightweight cardboard. Instruct the partygoers to draw around the template five times on construction paper then cut out each flower. Show the partygoers how to cut angles along the edge of the paper feather. Make a headband from a 1 1/2-inch strip of construction paper. Place the strip around each child's head and staple to create the perfect fit. Staple the bottom end of the feathers to the headband.

Face Painting

Get ready for some fun, hoots and hollers by painting each partygoer’s face with face paint to create a "birthday warrior." Warrior face-paint designs include lines beneath the eyes, across the cheeks and half a face red with the other half black.

Native American Paper Party Favor Satchel

Allow each guest to take home his party favors in a homemade Native American paper satchel. Make the satchel from two 6- by 9-inch pieces of brown paper. Glue the satchel together to create a carrying pouch four inches deep. Decorate the front and back with Native American Indian designs. Fringe the bottom two-inch edge with straight cuts from the bottom of the bag, making them 1 1/2-inches long and about 1/8-inches apart from each other.