Hula Hoop Games for Teens

Hula Hoops are most often associated with children and childhood games, but they can be just as much fun for teens. Whether your teen is having a get together with friends, or you are organizing activities for your teen's youth group, show them that they're not too old to engage in a variety of competitive and hilarious Hula Hoop games.

Classic Hula Hooping

Have the teens compete to see who is the best Hula Hooper. Give each teen a Hula Hoop to see who can keep it moving the longest around their waist. This is all the more hilarious with a mixed group of teen boys and girls, as boys tend to have difficulty keeping the Hula Hoop moving around their hips. You can allow the teens to compete with the Hula Hoop moving around other parts of their body as well, such as their necks, arms or legs.

Hula Hoop Races

Have Hula Hoop races where the teens have to get from one point to the other using the Hula Hoop in some way. For one race, the teens must keep the Hula Hoop moving around their waist. For another, you can have the teens use the Hula Hoop like a jump rope to skip across the yard. You can also put the teens into two teams for a Hula Hoop relay race, where each member of the team must Hula Hoop across the yard and return before another teammate can go. The first team to finish wins.

Teambuilding Games

Play team games with Hula Hoops that teach the teens about working together for a common goal. Put the teens into two teams and have each form a circle holding hands. Give them each a Hula Hoop to slip onto someone's arm. When the game starts, the teens must work together to get the Hula Hoop around the circle by going over each person's body, while still holding hands. The first team to successfully get the hoop around the circle wins. For another team game, put teen in groups of up to four and have each group step inside a Hula Hoop. The teens must move their hoop on the ground from one point to the other. If someone trips and steps out of the hoop, the team has to start over from the beginning.

Skill Test Games

Have the teens test their throwing accuracy by throwing lawn darts inside Hula Hoops placed on the ground. Have the teens stand behind a line and place the hoops several yards away at varying distances. Give point values for each hoop based on distance. The teens then throw lawn darts behind the line, trying to get it into the hoops with the furthest value. After the first round, advance the top five scorers, then the top two who go a final round to determine the winner. You can also have the teens race across an area covered with Hula Hoops, or "mines." Have enough hoops so there are more hoops than open space. The teens must try to get to the other side of the mine field as fast as they can without stepping on or inside a hoop. The teen with the shortest time wins.