How to Weave Straw Dolls

Homemade straw dolls are relatively simple and inexpensive to make. They can be given to children as toys, or turned into small pins or ornaments for decoration. Once you've learnt how to make your own straw dolls, you can even purchase or make clothing and hats to accessorise it.

Bundle straw into a bunch that measures about 1 foot long, and is thick enough so that your thumb and forefinger just touch around it. Tie the bundle with twine about 2 inches above the halfway point, so that it will stay together as you work on your doll.

Braid the straw from the twine to about 1 inch below the halfway point. Tie the end of the braid off with twine. This is your doll's body.

Separate the lower half of the straw into two sections and tie each section with twine. These will be your doll's legs. Repeat this at the top of the bundle, leaving a few pieces of straw in the middle sticking up. These will be the arms. Bend the arms and legs away from each other.

Poke a small hole into the ball with the scissors. If you are using a wooden ball, use the drill to drill a small hole (about 1/2 inch deep) into the ball.

Trim the straw left sticking up on top to about 1/2 inch long.

Fill the hole with hot glue and place it on the trimmed straw. This is your doll's head.

Hot glue the buttons on the face as eyes.


You can glue yarn or embroidery thread to your doll's head as hair, or use felt to make a hat. If you prefer, you can use beads or googly eyes instead of buttons.