How to Troubleshoot the Nerf Longshot

Hasbro released the Nerf Longshot to satisfy the sniping urges of its customers 1. Unlike other Nerf guns that specialise in rapid fire or massive clips, the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 is designed for long range fire with specially crafted darts. The gun also features a detachable forward section that doubles as a Nerf pistol. Unfortunately, the Nerf Longshot is prone to jamming, the most common problem users face when operating the gun. Hasbro helpfully built a sliding door above the loading assembly to remedy this particular issue.

Pull the cylindrical bolt assembly backward. If the bolt seems stuck, pull the trigger located just behind the dart clip. Doing so will often dislodge a loaded dart.

Remove the dart clip by pressing the clip lock button on the right side of the gun. Hold the button down and pull the clip downward and away from the gun.

Find the jam clearing door just below the Longshot scope. Slide the jam clearing door backward toward the gun stock.

Pull out the jammed dart and close the jam clearing door.

Replace the dart clip and slide the cylindrical bolt forward, thereby loading another dart. Pull the trigger to test your Long shot's functionality.


Jammed darts will often become folded or bent. Straighten the dart before attempting to fire it, as a bent dart is much more likely to jam again.


Never point your Nerf Longshot at another person's face. While the darts are foam and rubber, the force of impact can cause severe eye injury at close range.

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