How to tie down a trampoline

Proper outdoor trampoline anchoring systems are more important than ever due to the rising popularity of protective safety nets. Safety nets prevent users from bouncing off the trampoline surface and onto the ground, reducing the likelihood of bodily injury. However, these safety nets increase the surface area of the trampoline, in effect creating large, wind-catching sails. In powerful wind storms, trampolines with safety nets can be tossed around and damaged. Anchoring the trampoline to the ground will reduce the likelihood of wind damage.

Place one anchor and one length of rope on the ground at the middle of each trampoline leg 1.

Twist the anchor clockwise until it is difficult to move. Insert the crowbar into the eye of the anchor to increase leverage, and rotate clockwise until the eye of the anchor is all that remains above ground, with the open end of the eye facing away from the trampoline 1.

Loop one end of the rope over the trampoline spring rail, under the leg support, and through the eye of the ground anchor 1. Tie the two ends of the rope to secure the trampoline to the anchor 12.

Repeat Steps 2 and 3 for each leg to secure the trampoline to all four ground anchors 2.


If you do not have a crowbar, any strong, straight object that fits into the eye of the ground anchor will work. For a more permanent solution, sink the ground anchors into concrete.