How to Protect a Trampoline From Wind

Trampolines combine fun with exercise and come in a variety of sizes. Because of its design, a trampoline can pose a serious risk on windy days, essentially becoming a sail as the wind catches it, causing damage to buildings, vehicles and people 2. The most important safety tip a new trampoline owner can follow is to anchor that new trampoline down 1. This can be done to a smaller trampoline by simply weighing it down with heavy items. The best solution, however, is to secure your trampoline to the ground with specially made anchors 1.

Ensure that the trampoline is level 1. Trampolines not assembled properly or positioned on an incline are dangerous and more likely to be caught by the wind.

Screw each stake into the ground. If the type of stakes you have are not threaded, then you can use a rubber mallet to pound them into the ground.

Attach one strap to each stake, ensuring that the other end of the strap will reach the trampoline's frame. If not, then move the stake.

Fasten one hook to the free end of each strap.

Attach each hook to the trampoline frame 12. Test how secure the trampoline feels 2. If it shifts with use, reposition the stakes, making sure the straps are taut.


Some anchor kits recommend securing your trampoline stakes in cement.