How to make square diaper cakes

Diaper cakes are homemade centrepieces typically made for a baby shower. The diaper cakes contain items that a new mom can use for her newborn. Traditional diaper cakes are typically round and the diapers are rolled to create three tiers. Instead of making a cylinder shaped cake, you can make a square diaper cake. Square diaper cakes do not require that you roll the diapers. Instead, you stack the diapers and tie them with a decorative ribbon.

Stack 15 diapers with the front facing forward. Tie the diaper stack with a thin ribbon, and tie the ribbon in a bow in the front. Sit the diapers on a square serving tray so that the rows are laying vertically and the front of the diapers are facing forward with the ribbon bow tied in the front.

Create three more stacks of 15 diapers. Place the diapers next to each other on the serving platter.

Insert diapers into the side of the diaper cake so it looks like all the diapers are facing forward. Place these diapers behind the ribbon on the side of the diaper stacks to hold them in place. You will need three to four diapers for each side.

Create another tier of diapers. You will need three stacks of eight diapers. Tie these diapers with a thin ribbon, and sit them on top of the first diaper tier. Insert two diapers in the sides behind the ribbon so that it appears that all the diapers are facing out.

Form the last tier of the diaper cake by creating two stacks of four diapers. Tie these diapers with the thin ribbon. Insert one diaper on each side of the diaper stacks in the same manner as before.

Stick a dowel rod cut to the size of the diaper cake in the centre to reinforce the cake tiers. You can also use a bottle brush or a similar long object to help keep the tiers sturdy.

Decorate the diaper cake to make it suit the baby shower theme 1. Add items that the new mother can use like travel sized shampoos, diaper wipes and bibs. Decorate the diaper cake with stuffed animals, large bows and confetti.