How to Make Baby Diaper Bassinets

If you have a baby shower coming up and want to make a unique and practical gift that can also serve as a decorative centrepiece, then make your own baby diaper bassinet. A baby diaper bassinet is made out of disposable baby diapers and ribbon assembled to look like a bassinet. These bassinets can be large and complex or small and simple. This baby diaper bassinet is the small and simple kind and can be created in less than 15 minutes 1.

Place 1 diaper in front of you with the front of the diaper facing up and the waistband at the top. Place 7 more diapers on top to form a stack. Use a rubber band to secure them together. Turn the stack on its side. Tie the 1" wide satin ribbon around the stack, being careful to conceal the rubber band.

Leave the stack of diapers turned on its side and place one diaper as a "blanket" on top of the stack. Fold a diaper in half and place it on top of the blanket diaper to make a "pillow". Fold a second diaper in half and place it on top of the first, so that the pillow is made of two diapers.

Form the canopy by opening a diaper up and wrapping it all the way around the pillow portion of the bassinet. Hold the canopy diaper in place and slide one of the lengths of 2" wide satin ribbon under the bottom of the bassinet. Wrap the ends of the ribbon up around the canopy diaper and tie in a bow.

Tie the remaining length of 2" wide satin ribbon around the outer perimeter of the bed portion of the bassinet, making a bow in the front of the bassinet.