How to Make a Diaper Castle Cake

A diaper cake consists of rolled diapers that are built to resemble an actual cake. A castle cake contains a more elaborate design because the cake actually resembles a castle. Castle cakes are popular because they match a princess theme, but they can be created for boys as well. The diaper cakes contain items hidden in the layers that the new mom can use for the newborn. You can make the diaper castle cake match the theme of the baby shower by selecting the appropriate colour of ribbon and craft foam 1.

Cut the narrow ribbon into one-foot sections for each of the diapers. You will have 50 one-foot sections in total.

Roll each diaper from the front to the back to make a cylinder shape. Tie the narrow ribbon into a bow around each diaper to keep it secured in place.

Place the baby bottle in the centre of your cake platter. Place five of the disposable diapers vertically around the bottle to form a circle. Secure the diapers in place with a rubber band.

Form another circle of diapers. This circle will go around the first one and you will use 12 disposable diapers. Secure this circle of diapers in place with another rubber band.

Create the third circle of diapers, which will contain 20 rolled diapers.

Create the towers for the castle by placing two rolled diapers on the outside of the third circle of diapers. Each rolled diaper will need placed on each adjacent side of the circle.

Wrap a wide piece of ribbon around the diapers. Tie a bow in the front of the castle cake to keep the diapers secure din place.

Create a second tier for the diaper castle cake. You will need to place five rolled diapers around the top of the baby bottle and secure them with a rubber band. Then you will create a second circle of diapers with two rolled diapers on each end of the circle for the towers. Secure the diapers in place with the wide ribbon. Tie a bow in the front of this tier to match the first bow.

Remove the baby bottle from the diapers and replace it with a cardboard paper towel tube. Place the bottle on top of the second tier of diapers. Place five rolled diapers around the baby bottle. Place two more rolled diapers on each side of the circle and then secure all of the diapers in place with a wide ribbon. Tie a bow in the front to match the other two bows.

Cut a large foam craft sheet into six equal sections. Roll each bottom corner of the squares to the top corner to create a cone shape. Glue or staple the foam to retain the cone shape, and then cut off any excess. Place each cone on top of the towers. You can secure them in place by wrapping a piece of thin ribbon around each one.

Place baby necessity items in between the layers and diapers. Include items like pacifiers, baby wipes, bibs, baby powder and travel-sized necessities.


Instead of using rolled diapers for the towers, you can wrap paper towel tubes with decorative paper and place them on the side of the diaper cake. This will allow you to make taller towers for the castle.