How to make a baby carriage diaper cake

A baby diaper carriage cake is a new twist on the diaper cake. It is an adorable centrepiece for a shower. It is also an excellent hospital gift in lieu of flowers. Each part of the diaper carriage is a usable item for the new baby. Wrap the completed carriage in nylon netting tied with a bow for a decorative gift. You can recycle cardboard for the base and cover it with a soft flannel baby blanket. This is a pram diaper cake that a group of people can make together for a budget-friendly gift.

Stand the diapers on end in a rectangle shape. Have someone help you hold them in place and double wrap the rectangular shape with the white twine or cording. Tie and knot to secure. Measure around the rectangle and write down your measurement, plus one inch.

Cut two pieces of the wide lace at the length you have written down. Wrap one layer of the wide lace around the centre of the diapers. Overlap an inch and secure with a diaper pin. Wrap a second layer at the top of the diapers. Pin to secure.

Lay the burp pads flat on your work surface. Fold in thirds lengthwise. Roll tightly into a wheel shape. Pin with small safety pins to secure.

Tear or cut off half a dozen three to four inch pieces of white medical adhesive tape. Turn the pieces wrong side out and join the ends. Place the sticky circles on the cake board or cardboard rectangle.

Place diapers on to the tape rolls on the cake board or cardboard rectangle.

Place a piece of rolled tape on each of the burp pad wheels. Stick to the sides of the diaper carriage cake.

Tie a bow in the bib strings. Turn bottom side up with the rounded portion of the bib at the top. Curve the bottom of the bib and place at the back of the diapers. It will resemble the rounded hood on a carriage. Use small safety pins to attach it to the wide lace and secure in place.

Wrap a piece of 1 inch wide satin ribbon around the top of the diapers and bring the ends to the back of the bib. The safety pins can be covered by the satin ribbon. Tie a bow at the back of the pram diaper cake to secure the ribbon piece.

Wrap a piece of 1 inch ribbon around the bib centre. Pull the ends to keep the bib rounded and tie a simple "shoe lace" bow which appears to be inside the hood of the carriage.

Wrap 1 inch wide ribbon around the neck of the stuffed animal. Make a simple bow for a decorative touch. Place the stuffed animal inside of the carriage by leaning it against the ribbon bow in the hood. This is the baby.

Cover the lap of the baby with the washcloth blanket. Place rattle next to the baby. Add in other little light weight gifts such as a thermometer and nail clippers to the baby diaper carriage cake if desired.


You can use real cloth diapers instead of the disposable ones.


Use only medical tape sparingly to secure the diapers. Other tapes will tear them.

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