How to Decorate a Train Birthday Cake

"I want a train cake!" is a common when parents ask what kind of cake their children want for their birthdays. While it may seem daunting, making a train cake is not as difficult as it seems. Satisfy your child's craving for a train cake with a regular rectangular cake decorated with snack cakes and candies to give the image of a three dimensional train on top of the cake. Bright colours and train tracks out of icing complete the picture, giving your child a birthday cake he'll remember for years to come 1.

Bake a cake according to your recipe or box directions in a rectangular pan. Allow it to cool completely and frost the cake on all sides with white frosting. Decide where on the top of the cake you want to place a snack cake train. Lay one large chocolate snack cake in that spot.

Line up three or four small snack cakes behind the larger one to form the body of the train. Stack three caramels near the front of the large snack cake to create the train's funnel. Lay one caramel or three jelly beans, candy corns or other small candies on top of each smaller sponge cake for decoration. Set three sandwich cream cookies into the icing on either side of the large snack cake, leaning up against its sides, to serve as wheels. Place two on either side of each smaller snack cakes.

Divide frosting into individual bowls and create small quantities of black, green, blue, yellow and red frosting. Use a different frosting bag for each colour. Use a number 46 frosting tip attached to a frosting bag to draw black train tracks on either side of the sandwich cream cookies. Spread green frosting on either side of the train track to give the impression of grass. Use the other colours of icing to create flowers in the grass.

Decorate the sides of the snack cakes with red and yellow frosting if desired 2. Use a number 1 frosting tip to write "Happy Birthday" on the top half of the cake, above the train 1.