How to Build a Lego Castle

Lego castles are among the most popular Lego sets available. The retired Black Falcon's Fortress Lego castle is one of the most popular Lego sets of all time. Young Lego enthusiasts and those young-at-heart enjoy creating and building Lego castles and accessories. Here's how to build a Lego castle.

Purchase a Lego castle kit online or from a local store. Look for a castle set that best matches your skill level. Some Lego castles are quite intricate, such as the 7094 King's Castle Siege.

Find directions for the Lego castle set. If you got the set used, the instructions may be missing. Find many set instructions online, such as the illustrated directions for the basic Black Falcon's Fortress Lego set 10039, a retired but very popular Lego castle.

Organize the Lego bricks and pieces to make it easier to find the piece you need when building your Lego. Separate bricks by color and type.

Begin by putting together the people, horses and accessories for the Lego castle as per the instructions. The horses need the saddles and the knights need their armor before the castle can be built.

Build the Lego castle, following the steps in order on the instruction sheet. Begin with the castle foundation and work up, step by step, until the walls are completed.

Add the second floor and top story walls, being sure to use the correct Lego Castle pieces.

Build the Lego castle roof and add any decorations, such as lion's heads and fancy blocks.

Add the drawbridge and other extras, and set up the Lego castle knights around and in the castle.