How to Adopt a Child From the Philippines

If you are considering international adoption to complete your family, you may decide to adopt a child from the Philippines 1. The entire process may take approximately two years. If you are married, you must have been married for three years; if either of you have been divorced, however, your current marriage must be at least five years old. Adoptive mothers must be under 43 years old in order to adopt an infant, and under 46 to adopt any child from the Philippines. Your adoption costs may vary widely, but may range between £9,100-20,000 for agency fees, travel and home study, as of 2011. Following the requirements for adopting a baby or child from the Philippines will allow the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Select an international adoption agency. Ask other adoptive parents which agencies they used, and call to ask questions about the process, the cost and post-placement services before making your final decision.

Complete all required paperwork. You will have piles of forms to fill out, including financial history and background check forms, medical forms and insurance forms. You will need to assemble birth certificates for the members of your household, mortgage statements, photographs and letters of reference. Your social worker will help you if you have any questions.

Allow the agency to perform a home study. You will need to have your home checked for safety and an acceptable level of cleanliness, and the social worker will interview you and your spouse about your family dynamics, views on parenting and the child that you hope to adopt. This is also the time that your social worker will collect all of the forms that you have gathered and completed.

Complete your dossier 2. This is a packet of notarised documents, many of which you will have already assembled for your home study. Your adoption agency will be submitting this paperwork to the Inter-Country Adoption Board, which is the government agency that handles applications to adopt a baby from the Philippines 1.

Wait to hear if you are approved to adopt a baby. This may take up to four months. After approval, wait until you are chosen to adopt one baby in particular, a process that may take over a year.

Assemble more paperwork if you accept the placement. After this is sent to the Philippines, you will need to wait several more months while your paperwork is reviewed and your baby undergoes medical tests and is assigned a visa.

Travel to the Philippines to meet your child. If you are married, only one of you will have to go to pick up your child. During your stay, you will meet with the baby's previous caregivers and they will help you get to know your child.

Participate in post-placement services after you arrive home. The Inter-Country Adoption Board will retain legal guardianship of your child for six months after the placement, as required by the government of the Philippines 1. During this time, your social worker will visit you a minimum of three times and will submit reports on how the arrangement is working out. After this time period, you will be free to finalise the adoption.