Programs for Troubled Teens in Australia

The teenage years are tough. Many teens do not have the coping skills in place to deal with the trials they may face. But there are places and programs that can help. The term "troubled teen" refers to adolescents who are struggling mentally, emotionally or behaviorally. They may be depressed, suicidal, angry or sad. They may do drugs, drink or participate in other dangerous behavior. Programs exist all over the world to help these kids. In Australia, you will find the following programs for troubled teens.

Learning Unlimited

Learning Unlimited helps students who want to drop out of school. They have several different programs, one of which is a wilderness program. Find more about them through Mission Australia.

Summit to the Sea: A REFS Wilderness Journey

REFS (Regional Extended Family Services) has a 21-day wilderness experience for troubled teens. It involves 10 days of walking from the top of Mount Kosciusko, 9 days of rafting, and the last 2 days canoeing, ending at the ocean.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge is a Christian-based, non-profit organization that has several different ways to help troubled teens, one of which is a 12-month residential rehabilitation program.

Teen Challenge Grace Academy

Teen Challenge Grace Academy is a 40-bed residential detox and rehabilitation program. Along with academic courses, TCGA offers courses in auto, audio recording, computers and graphic design.

Triple Care Farm

Triple Care Farm is residential treatment and vocational program for teens with "complex backgrounds." They teach farming and woodworking as part of the program. This is a program of Mission Australia.


Connections is a program for teens who have dropped out of school. Connections provides educational and personal growth programs and is a program of Mission Australia.


Headspace is a place for teens to learn about their mental health issues. There are several centers located around Australia that offer support, guidance and programs, but Headspace is primarily an online tool.

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