How to Host a Family Trivia Night at School

Trivia night at school is a fun reprieve from classroom learning.

Trivia questions appeal to kids of all ages and many love to show off their knowledge to friends and family. Hosting a family trivia night at your child's school is an ideal way to get to know his friends and their parents while having fun together. If you've never planned a trivia party, getting organized and making a plan prevents you from forgetting something important on the big day and ensures that the event goes smoothly from start to finish.

Select a venue. This could be the school gym or auditorium, but should have plenty of space for the expected crowd. Get permission from school administrators to use the space and find out what dates are available.

Choose a date for trivia night. A weekend night works well because parents don't have to worry about getting kids home to bed or running out of time to finish homework.

Hang flyers around the school letting parents and students know when and where the event is taking place and put a notice in the school newsletter. If the school allows, you can also send home flyers with students outlining the details.

Buy supplies at least a few days before trivia night. You'll need paper and pens for participants to record their trivia answers. If you plan to serve food and drinks, you'll need to buy those items, as well as plates, cups, silverware and napkins for serving the refreshments. You'll also need prizes to reward the trivia winners, such as gift cards, T-shirts or small trophies.

Gather your trivia questions. Keep the age of the crowd in mind so you have a variety of questions that aren't too challenging. For example, if your child is in first grade, a bunch of Shakespeare questions are bound to go unanswered. You might separate the questions for kids and parents and alternate back and forth so everyone has questions that aren't too easy, but aren't too hard either.

Set up tables and chairs at least an hour before the event. Make sure you have plenty of space for people to sit so they stick around for the entire trivia night.

Place paper and pens on each table. Make sure there are enough for each chair and a couple extras in case a pen runs out of ink or someone needs a new piece of paper.

Spread the refreshments on a separate table with serving supplies. Snacks that keep well for several hours are ideal for trivia night. Cookies, brownies, fruits, vegetables, crackers, cheese and cold cuts with lemonade or soda are crowd-pleasing snacks.

Allow the guests to grab some snacks and sit down before starting the trivia portion of the night. As you ask each question, give guests time to record their answers.

Tally the scores at the end of the night. Hand out awards to the winners. This can be a student winner and a parent winner or an overall winner, depending on the number of prizes you have.

Put tables and chairs where they belong, toss all trash and sweep the floor to clean up the event. This ensures that your child's school will be willing to let you host another trivia night in the future.