How to Hire a Filipino Nanny in the U.S.

When hiring a nanny, it is very important to choose the right fit for your family 2. For families from the Philippines, it may be important to find a Filipino nanny who understands, and even lives, the Filipino culture.

Join nanny agencies such as and

Search these websites for Filipino nannies. Request to see only nannies who have passed an agency background check.

Post ads describing what you are looking for--specifying the Filipino requirement--not only in the agencies, but in newspapers, and on websites.

Perform your own check on all potential nannies before meeting them. Beyond arranging for a criminal background check, run their names through social networking sites to look at profiles they may have posted. This will help you gain some insight into their personalities.

Keep records of all nannies you plan to interview. Keep their names, ages, experience, and all other information you deem to be relevant, together on a sheet of paper for easy access and comparisons. This is where you will note how long the Filipino nanny has been living in the U.S.

Set up interviews at a public location such as a park or coffee shop. Remember that the potential nannies are merely strangers and should not immediately have access to your home or your child.

During the first interview stage, ask your potential nanny about her Filipino background, methods of discipline, how she deals with fussy children, and what kind of household environment she feels most comfortable in. Also ask her for examples of how she has dealt with emergency situations involving children. Determine how easy she finds it to switch back and forth from her native tongue to English.

Reduce your list of candidates to two or three of the strongest contenders.

Have a second round of interviews with remaining potential nannies in your home. This is when each nanny should meet your child, and you will have the opportunity to observe how each nanny relates to the Filipino environment in your home.

Pay attention to how much interest the nanny seems to have in your child. See if she seems genuinely interested in stories your child tells and toys he may want to show off.

Keep your child's behavior in mind. If your usually-outgoing child is hiding behind your leg the entire time, consider that a red flag. Your child should not take any longer to warm up to a potential nanny than he would to warm up to anyone else.

Weigh the pros and cons. Chat with your family members about their opinions of the candidates, logically weigh the positive and negative aspects before you, and listen to your instinct.

Contact the nanny you have selected. Inform her of the salary, hours, benefits (such as paid sick days or holiday pay), and her start date. Allow her the opportunity to raise questions or voice any concerns.


Be aware of scams when hiring a nanny from any website. Never pay money upfront, and never invite a stranger to your home.