Singles Activities in Spokane

Spokane, Washington’s second largest city with a population of over 200,000, offers ample opportunities to meet new and interesting people, but the first step is to start looking 1. Rather than spending another solo evening surfing the web, check out the local area’s singles activities. Potential romance, possible friendship and adventure could be just around the corner.

Meetup Groups

Expand your group of friends by joining a Spokane-based activity group, on Whether you are interested in finding a relationship partner, or just wish to enjoy single life with other singles, you will find a group worth checking out. Younger, uninvolved women will find plenty to do with Spokane’s Single Women´s Meetup Group, which currently boasts over 100 members enjoying dinners and drinks among good company. The Spokane Friends Meetup Group welcomes men and women interested not in dating, but in discovering the Spokane just outside your front door.

Spokane Boomers Singles

For the empty nester, divorcee, or single over 50, Spokane Boomers Singles has a group size of over 60 members, all born between 1944 and 1964. Join the fun every last weekend of the month, at the dinner and planning meeting. Scheduled activities vary, ranging from cultural retreats to high-energy kayaking and hiking trips. Become a member through your Facebook account.

Spokane Boomers Singles

Christian Singles

If you are a Christian single seeking same, there are many opportunities to do just that in a spiritual and non-threatening environment. Life Center Foursquare Church, located on Government Way, hosts a variety of small group meetings, focusing on everything from horse riding to bible study 2. The activities vary, but all are for people wishing to enjoy life while nurturing a love of God. Alternately, attend a meeting of the Christian Singles Fellowship, every third Saturday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, at the North Addison Baptist Church. Inquire about the current schedule of spiritual growth activities for singles.

Life Center Foursquare Church 1202 N. Government Way Spokane, WA 99224 509-327-4422 2

Christian Singles Fellowship 6120 North Addison Spokane, WA 99224 509-893-2865

Speed Dating

If you prefer a chance to meet people without the commitment of joining a group, Speed Dating might be the perfect one night affair for you 1. Both Spokane Speed Dating, and Predating, host sessions for singles to meet up to 12 other singles, for five- to six-minute pre-dates, within the span of one evening 1. Tickets cost from $20 to $30, as of 2010. Sign up to be notified of future events at and

Activity Groups

Don’t limit yourself to just singles group. Spokane is home to numerous hobbyist organizations, encouraging like-minded individuals to get together to enjoy their shared interest. Groups are looking for every type of person, from the cigar enthusiast, to the self-taught swing expert. Joining the local chapter of the Backpackers Club or the Astronomy Society is the perfect opportunity to head outdoors and meet people who love it as much as you do 1.

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