Hawaiian Luau Games for Teenagers

Bring the Hawaiian ambience to your backyard with themed games for teens.

If your teenager spent her summer vacation on a Hawaiian beach, taking part in a festival called a luau was probably one of her favorite activities. She can recreate all the experiences she had when she's back home. Let her throw a backyard luau for her friends and use several games as a fun way to introduce them to the beauty and culture of the exotic place.

Limbo Stick Games

The limbo is a timeless game for Hawaiian luaus. Find an open grassy area in the backyard and play some island music. Select two teens to hold a bamboo pole. Let the others form a line and attempt to maneuver under the bamboo pole one by one. Once everyone has gone under the pole once, let the holders lower the stick a more few inches. Teenagers will have an even harder time getting under the stick with each decrease. If a teenager's body touches the pole, he is out of the game. Continue playing until there is only one teen left. For a modern spin on the traditional game, play water limbo. Let the teens dress in their bathing suits. Find a hose that has a nozzle that will produce a straight stream of water to use for a limbo stick. Teens must maneuver under the water without getting wet.

Hula Hoop Contests

The traditional hula dance may not be mastered just yet by a group of teenagers, but they can still get some practice with hula hoop games. Select two teenagers to compete against each other for a hula hoop contest. Give each of the two teens a hoop and see who can hula hoop the longest around a specific part of the body, such as the neck or arm, without dropping the hoop. Let the other teens cheer them on and allow the winner to choose the next set of teens for the contest.

Hawaiian Attire Relays

Though the Hawaiian islands might be miles away from home, let the teens dress in luau attire with hilarious relays. Fill two suitcases with several flower leis and grass skirts and close them. Create a start and finish line. Place the two suitcases at the finish line. Divide the teenagers into two separate teams and have them line up at the starting line. On the word "Go," the first teen in each team must run to the suitcase, put on a leis necklace and grass skirt and run back to tag the next member in their team to repeat the same process. Declare the team to get its members through the relay first as the winner.

Hawaiian Food Races

Pineapples and roasted pork are common sights at Hawaiian luaus. Let teens have a taste of the native flavors with a pizza making game. Set up two outside table stations with all the pizza toppings, such as tomato sauce, shredded cheese, finely chopped ham and pineapple chucks in individual bowls with spoons. Divide the teens into equal teams and assign an ingredient for each of them to stand in front of. Place the pizza pie dough in front of the first person in each team. On the word "Go," the first person in each team must spread on his ingredient evenly and then pass the dough to the next team member to spread on their ingredient and so on. The first team to complete their pizza wins. Toss the pizzas in the oven until browned and let the teens eat their pizzas as part of the luau menu.