Harvest Party Outdoor Night Games for Teens

A harvest party is a fun-filled way to usher in the coming of the fall season. Games and activities that relate to the season will certainly help to make the party a success. When throwing a harvest party for teens, make the event more exciting by including games you can play outdoors after the sun goes down.

Scarecrow Hunt

Put a twist on the traditional nighttime game of manhunt for your teen fall harvest party. In this version, select one person to be the scarecrow hunter and the rest of the participants act as scarecrows. The hunter counts to a pre-determined number while the scarecrows hide. The hunter begins searching for the scarecrows after he has finished counting. Determine the amount of time you have to play the game. Scarecrows try to avoid the hunter, but if the hunter catches the scarecrows, then the scarecrows become hunters, as well. The game ends when the hunters have caught all the scarecrows or when the time runs out. If the hunters have caught all the scarecrows, then the initial hunter wins and becomes a scarecrow. If not, the initial hunter remains the hunter and everybody plays the game again.

Harvest Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are always fun, but they can be even more thrilling when you hold them at night. For your harvest party, hide fall-related items around the park, the backyard, the farm or wherever you are holding the event. Divide teams into groups and offer them a list of clues and a flashlight to find the items. The team who finds all items on the list first wins the hunt.

Bobbing for Apples in the Dark

Turn the traditional game of bobbing for apples into a teen-friendly game that teens can enjoy playing at night. Fill large, clear bowls up with water and apples, as would normally be done to play this game. Scatter some glow sticks around the bowls to add a cool dimension to the game; the sticks will shine through the clear bowls, illuminating the water. Using only their mouths, teens must try to catch an apple from the bowl. Make sure to have some towels and dry clothing on hand.

Pumpkin Trot

For this game, teens have to try to pass a pumpkin along to the other players on their team. Divide players into teams and arrange the teens in straight lines, but have them stand a distance apart from each other. Have the first person in each line place a pumpkin between their knees. When you say, "Go!” the leader must "trot" with the pumpkin between their knees until he reaches the next player. The next player places the pumpkin between his knees and follows the same procedure. The pumpkin trot continues in this fashion until the last player successfully brings the pumpkin to a pre-determined finish line.