Good Instructions on How to Make a Diaper Cake for a Shower

Diaper cakes are decorative baby shower gifts comprised of single or multiple tiers of rolled or wrapped diapers 1. Any diaper cake provides a new mother or mother-to-be with a useful gift for her new baby 1. You can make a simple one-tier cake, wrap it in a blanket and top it with a bow, or make a four-tier diaper cake with flowers, baby items and stuffed animals 1.

Place a handful of diapers into a 12-inch round cake pan 1. Push the diapers up against one edge of the pan and add another handful. Keep adding handfuls of diapers and pressing them to make the diapers fan out until the entire pan if full. Wrap a 3-inch wide ribbon around the middle of the diapers and tie it in a bow tightly to keep the diapers in place.

Remove the round bundle of diapers from the pan and place them on a round plastic plastic cake tray with a diameter of at least 15 inches. Insert four, thin wooden dowels in the diaper bundle 1. These should be long enough to still protrude from the top of the diapers, even when pushed down to the plastic cake tray.

Make a second tier by using a 10-inch round cake pan and filling it with handfuls of diapers until the pan is full. Wrap a 3-inch wide ribbon around the diapers and place the tier onto the 12-inch diaper tier 1. Press the second tier gently onto the wooden dowels to hold the two tiers in place. Insert three wooden dowels into the second tier.

Fill an 8-inch round cake pan with handfuls of diapers until the pan is full and wrap a 3-inch ribbon around the diapers. Place the tier on top of the 10-inch round tier and push the diapers down onto the wooden dowels. For a larger cake, make another tier on top of this one using a 6-inch cake pan.

Fold a baby washcloth in half and then wrap it up into a roll 1. Wrap a 2-inch-wide ribbon around the washcloth and tie it in a bow. Repeat this step 19 more times to make 20 rolled up washcloths. Place the washcloths on the plastic cake tray all around the cake.

Decorate the top of the diaper cake with a stuffed animal 1. Alternatively, you can insert the stem of a large silk flower into the center of the top tier for a floral decoration.

Insert the stems of medium-size silk flowers in between diapers and behind the ribbon throughout the tiers. You can use flowers of all the same color, or use multiple colors for a more colorful display.

Place small baby items on the cake, such as pacifiers, rolled up receiving blankets, teething toys and bibs. This step is optional. You can leave the cake with just the stuffed animal and flowers for a pretty display.

Place a large square or round piece of tulle netting on a flat surface; place the diaper cake with cake tray in the center of the netting and wrap the cake in the netting. Gather the netting at the top of the cake and tie a 3-inch-wide ribbon to close the netting. This wrapping will help to keep the cake from shifting.