Good Ideas for a Mother and Daughter Bonding Outing

As a mother, you want to be an integral and influential person in your daughter's life 2. Regular bonding activities can help the two of you stay connected and close as she grows. Whether your daughter is still the bright-eyed little cherub that sticks to you like glue, or the moody teenager that thinks you're weird, make the time to set up mother-daughter outings that allow the two of you to focus on each other while having a blast together.

Pampering Outing

If you have a tween or teen, splurge on yourself and your girl with a trip to a day spa, where the two of you can spend the day getting side-by-side massages, smearing mud on each other's faces and comparing manicures. Choose a spa that offers dining options so you don't have to leave the spa and can just enjoy relaxing together all day. If a luxury spa is out of your budget, just go to your local nail salon and get the works, including a spa pedicure and manicure. The two of you can still have a blast, chatting and even getting matching designs on your toes. Another idea is to take your daughter shopping for a fancy new dress, then treat yourselves to an upscale mother-daughter dinner at a top restaurant in your area.

Active Outdoor Bonding

If you have an outdoor-loving teen, surprise her by planning an active, outdoor activity for the two of you to do together. This could include hiking in a nearby national or state park and trying a new, challenging trail. You could also sign up for rock climbing with an outdoor adventure company, where your daughter can watch you attempting something you may have never done before. Another idea is to try a challenging ropes course that many outdoor adventure companies offer. Many of these ropes courses will require you to use teamwork to get through the course successfully. Check to see if any city-wide partner challenges, such as a city scavenger hunt, is planned in your area as well. The two of you could sign up as a team and work on communicating better while trying to find your way to each new place.

Around Town Bonding

You don't have to do anything big or major to spend bonding time with your daughter 2. You could go with her to see a chick flick that you both want to see. Check your newspaper for local events that the two of you might enjoy together, such as sunset movies in the park, or a local cultural festival where the two of you could be adventurous together and try new foods or learn a new dance. You could also take a class together and bond over a hobby the two of you both enjoy, such as a cooking class, or sign up to volunteer locally together, perhaps at a soup kitchen or women's shelter.

Out of Town Trips

Plan a overnight or weekend trip out of town, just for you and your daughter. Take her to where you grew up, especially if she has never been there before, and show her where you used to hang out with your friends, attend school and drive by your old home, if it is still there. Catch a football or basketball game at your local high school. A hometown trip with a teen daughter might help her realize that you were once a teen dealing with the same things she is now experiencing. Another idea is to let your daughter pick a city she has always wanted to go to, such as New York City. See the major sights, but take the time to explore smaller neighborhoods and discover cool shops and restaurants together.