Gifts to Take to the Hospital for New Parents

By Sheryl Faber
New parents will appreciate congratulatory gifts.
New parents will appreciate congratulatory gifts.

The arrival of a baby is an occasion to celebrate. Presents for the new arrival might be piling up alongside a mother's bed, so a special way to give the occasion more meaning is to honor the parents with unusual and thoughtful gifts. Small, but appreciated, gestures will be remembered.

Comfy Robes

Hotel-style his and hers robes will make the stay in the hospital more comfortable. When dad stays the night, even he'll have something soft and comfortable to lounge in. Mom can wear hers on walks down the halls before the baby comes and to and from the nursery after the delivery. Matching slippers would be an even more thoughtful addition.


Baby care books would be useful for both parents to skim before taking their little one home. Well-known selections such as "Dr. Spock's Baby and Childcare" by Dr. Benjamin Spock or "What to Expect the First Year" by Sandee Hathaway are always appreciated. If a name has not yet been chosen, a few baby name books would also come in handy. An exercise manual specifically for new mothers may provide activities and workouts for a mom who is ready to get back into shape.

Survival Kits

An array of products in an attractive box or basket will provide both parents with items to make the hospital stay easier and less stressful. Mom's kit could include fragrant shower gel, hand sanitizer, a manicure kit, makeup brushes and a small mirror. Dad's selections could include real or candy cigars for distributing, playing cards, magazines and razors with shaving cream. Most parents would also enjoy a basket of fruits and candies, as would everyone who comes by to visit and meet the new member of the family.

Dinner for Two

What better way to celebrate the last night in the hospital than with a romantic dinner for two. Make two special plates for the parents to re-heat in the hospital. The addition of a bud vase with a single rose for the middle of the table will add extra ambiance. A nonalcoholic wine or champagne would be a special and welcome addition to this thoughtful meal.

Photo Supplies

Expectant parents would never leave home without their camera, but extra supplies and accessories will always be welcome. Memory cards, large and small photo frames, batteries, photo albums and scrapbooks are just a few of the items they might not think of.