Gifts for a Big Sister of Twin Babies

Welcoming twins is an exciting event for a family. While an older sister will share in the joy, she may also have mixed emotions about having to share her parents’ attention with two new little babies. Giving the big sister a gift at the time of her siblings’ birth may reduce feelings of jealousy and sibling rivalry, according to pediatrician Dr. Bill Sears.

Personalized Gifts

A variety of personalized items can help the new big sister celebrate the arrival of her twin siblings as she proudly shows off her family’s important news. Shirts, stuffed animals, water bottles and tote bags are available that can be personalized with “I’m a Big Sister of Twins” or “I Love My Twin Sisters/Brothers.” Vendors can add icons depicting the family members or the children’s names, if desired. Personalized clothing can be purchased in a variety of sizes to fit big sisters of all ages.

Baby Dolls

Present younger big sisters with a set of twin baby dolls to care for. They can dress, feed and change their baby dolls while their parents do the same for their siblings, and this can be a teaching tool. Little girls will feel important in the nurturing role of mommy, and feelings of being left out may be reduced when parent and child can “both be big people taking care of little people,” according to 2.

Technology Gadgets

Technology makes a great gift for older siblings. The recipient can read on an e-reader while her parents tend to the babies, and she can also read to the twins as a way of caring for and bonding with them. A digital camera in her favorite color lets the older sister document her siblings’ growth from their time of birth, and a digital picture frame allows her to displays the photos she has taken. A digital photo keychain lets her take the twins’ pictures wherever she goes.


Books make great gifts for children. Books about new siblings are available at all reading levels, and searching this term at any online book retailer will bring up many titles. You might want to select some books unrelated to the new babies; consider the genres or series that the big sister likes. Activity books and workbooks will help pass the time when the twins require mom's and dad’s attention. For girls who like to write, blank journals make a thoughtful gift and are available with different designs and embellishments on the covers.