How to Get Off Welfare Assistance

Get Off Welfare Assistance

How to Get Off Welfare Assistance. Most people claim that it is easy to get off welfare, but these are not the people in dire need of assistance. Every once in a while you hear a heartwarming story of the single mom down the road who made the American dream a reality. But, she worked hard to do it and had a little help from people. Follow these steps to get off welfare.

Go to college. Minimum wage jobs perpetuate poverty. Getting either a bachelor's degree or a tradesman certificate raises your chances to get off welfare. Take a moment to discover what truly makes you happy. If you want to spend time healing the sick, consider a nursing program sponsored by local hospitals. If you want to rid the world of crime, consider the police academy. Choose a dream to pursue and get the education.

Find low cost child care. This sounds easy, but is the very reason most single moms are on welfare. Consider a co-op. Enlist people in similar situations. Offer to watch a nurse's kids during her night shift. Arrange your schedule around a relative's availability. Look into church-based child care facilities that offer sliding scales for child care.

Save money while living in low rent housing. Talk with your social worker about ways to save money. Ask about low rent subsidies that free up added funds to put aside each month. Place the funds in an interest bearing account.

Consider moving to a less expensive area to save money. Food, fuel, housing and many other necessities are cheaper in other areas. Move to a new area and start over.


Take into consideration the wages in the new area as well.