GeoTrax Set-Up Instructions

Train sets have long captured the minds of children and adults alike. Fisher-Price created a line of train sets called GeoTrax 12. The sets are generally suitable for children between 2 and 7 years old. While each set varies in terms of track layout and accessories, Fisher-Price designed the sets to be compatible with one another, so basic set-up instructions apply.

Build any structures that come with your GeoTrax set. Each structure comes with a base. The structure snaps into the slots on the base. Some structures are more complex than others.

For example, the GeoTrax “All About Trains Motorized Starter Set” comes with a coal loader, a relatively easy structure to build: It has four slots that slide and snap into the base 2. The “Workin’ Town Railway” comes with a windmill, which slides into its base like the coal loader, but you must also install the windmill blade by snapping it into the slot on the windmill.

Snap male connector snaps on the track pieces into place on top of female connectors to create your track. Use your imagination when creating the track layout or follow the set’s directions for the intended layout.

Position the accessories and structures around the track. Some accessories, such as the coal loader, have a small tab that fits on notches located on the underside of certain track pieces. Other accessories, such as the gantry from the starter set, stand freely.

Open the battery bay of the train engine with a Phillips screwdriver. Slide the batteries in and replace the cover.

Slide the looped-end of one of the train cars onto the hitch of the engine. Repeat the process with subsequent train cars. Put the train on the tracks. Press the start button on the top of the engine to operate the train.