Games for Christian Teens to Play Indoors

Whether you are a Christian youth leader for teens or you are having several of your teen's church friends over for a sleepover, Christian-themed games can keep the teens entertained and thinking about God. Come up with creative games that test their biblical knowledge, teach Christian lessons and gets the kids moving, laughing and having a good time in a safe and healthful manner.

Bible Quiz Games

Divide the kids into teams to play a variety of game shows with a biblical theme. For one game, have the host ask general Bible questions, which the teams must answer by hitting a buzzer. If the team that buzzes in first gets the answer correct, they get a point. If they get it incorrect, the other team has the opportunity to steal the point by answering correctly. For another game, make four of five categories of Christian topics, such as "Women of the Bible" and "The Gospels." For each category, create four or five questions, each with a different point value -- from 1 to 5 -- based on its difficulty level. In teams of two, the teens pick a category and the level of question they want. They must say "what is" or "who is" before stating their answer. Teams gain and lose points based on their correct or incorrect answers. The team with the most points after all questions have been answered wins.

Scavenger Hunts

Plan a scavenger hunt with a Christian theme. In teams of two, give the teens a list of items to look for related to stories in the Bible. For example, the list could include finding two of the same kind of stuffed animal to represent the animals in Noah's ark and three crosses to represent the crosses that Jesus and two others died on. Ensure that you have enough items for all of the teams to find everything on their list. For another type of scavenger hunt, you could have teens race to find specific Bible verses based on a list of clues. You might give a portion of a phrase for the clue, for example, and the teens must use their Bibles to find the exact verse. The first to find all the correct Bible verses wins.

Trust Activities

Play simple games that illustrate the importance of trusting in God. One idea is to put the teens into pairs, with one teammate blindfolded. The teens who are not blindfolded must get their partners safely to a designated spot on the other side of the room without hitting anything or anyone else. All the teens go at the same time, so the blindfolded ones must try to listen specifically for their partner's voice. If someone hits an obstacle, he must start over. Afterward, talk to the kids about trusting and listening for God's voice above all others. For another trust activity, have one teen stand on a stool or chair. The rest of the teens form a semicircle behind him with their hands outstretched to catch him. Each teen must say an encouraging word to the person on the chair, who then falls backward into the arms of his peers. The idea is to teach the kids that their Christian friends will support them.

Indoor Obstacle Course

Plan a indoor obstacle course in which the kids must answer biblical-based questions correctly along the way. Teams will go through the obstacle one and a time. The course can be set up with simple obstacles, depending on the space you have indoors, such as tables to crawl under and large cardboard boxes to crawl through. One team of two or three goes through the course at time. Between each obstacle on the course, have people set up to ask the teams a biblical question. The questions can be anything from how "how many books are in the Bible" to "How much money did Judas betray Jesus for?" Teams that give the wrong answer must remain in that spot for another 10 seconds before being able to move on. The team that completes the course in the least amount of time wins. You can keep the obstacle course in one spacious room, or, if you are in a house, plan the obstacle course through several rooms, and have the teens answer a question in each one.