Game Show Questions for Parents & Kids

For your next big family gathering, plan an epic game show with parents versus the kids. Kids will love competing against their parents and proving that "parents don't know everything." Keep the game exciting and challenging by selecting from a variety of topics to ask parents and kids.

Battle of the Generations

Ask questions related to the era that you and our spouse grew up in and the era that the kids are growing up in. The kids must try to answer the questions about your era and the parents answer questions about theirs. You should have questions relating to popular singers, songs and movies of each time period. For example, you might ask the kids what song Michael Jackson sang about a rat in 1972. You can also ask about the events and important moments, such as who the president was in 1975. The parents can answer questions about current tween stars and current events.

Family History

If all the kids and parents playing are in the same family, you can include game show questions related to family. For instance, you could ask the kids about what occupations their adult relatives have. A parent could have to list all of the grandchildren in the family, in order. Include questions related to the family ancestry, such as what part of Italy did great-great-grandpa Joe emigrated from, or what part of the country did the family originally come from.

Grade School Questions

Kids will love stumping their parents on questions based on what they are learning in school. See how rusty parents are on subjects such as math, history and science. How well can parents remember the elements of the periodic table, or the details of the Spanish Inquisition? Have parents and kids go head-to-head for each question, where they have to hit the buzzer first to answer. To keep it fair, no one can use a calculator for the math questions.

TV and Movie Trivia

Think of all of the children's movies you have taken your kids to, and the television programs your kids watch. Come up with questions for kids and parents related to the movies and TV shows, from characters to the deeper meaning of the movie. Ask kids about the names of certain characters. Ask parents what the main character's motive was. It's a good way to see what the kids are taking away from media.

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