Furby Cheats

With the inception of the Furby, the world would have its first domestic robot in the holiday season of 1998. Its ability to "learn" English and communicate with one another made it a whirlwind phenomena. After an initial three-year production, the Furby was revamped and brought back in 2005 with more features than the original. For those lucky enough to have the original, here are a few cheats to get your Furby doing unusual things 1.

The Rooster Furby

To get your Furby cock-a-doodle-doo-ing like a rooster, simply cover and uncover his eyes three times in succession. The result is him crowing like a rooster and saying that he loves you.

To Hear the Furby's Name

To get the Furby’s name out of him, just tickle him three times, by scratching at his belly, and then pat him on the back.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

To have your Furby sing the first few lines of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, all you have to do is clap your hands three times in front of him and then pat his back. If you have more than one Furby, doing this trick will make the two sing together.

The Singing Furby

To get your Furby to sing to you, all you have to do is pet him on the back 10 times in a row.

Burping Furby

Feeding your Furby three times in a row, which involves manipulating its tongue area, results in a string of burps followed by him laughing.

Tickle Me Furby

Try tickling your Furby, which again is scratching at his belly, 15 times in a row, even past the point of him wanting you to stop. This results in him making some very peculiar noises.

Dizzy Furby

Tilting your Furby back and forth slowly about 10 times will give him the hiccups. For a while afterwards, any time you tip him he will begin to hiccup again.