Funny Superbowl Party Ideas for Teenagers

Teenagers may want to throw a Superbowl party to celebrate the big game with friends. Besides just watching the game, teens will need to plan a fun-filled party with activities and decorations. To make the party even more entertaining, add a little humor with these funny party ideas.

Mini Football Invitations

Invite teens in a humorous way with football invitations. Cut card stock horizontally and vertically into four pieces. Type or write your party details in cursive on the card stock. Laminate the card stock invitations and use a hole puncher to punch a hole in the upper left corner of each one. Put ribbons of your favorite sports team's colors through the hole and tie it to mini football key chains. Repeat the process again until you have enough invitations for all guests. Hand deliver the invitations to guests' homes.

Balloon Football Game

Create start and finish lines in a wide, open space. Have teens divide into two equal teams and line up. Provide each team with a blown up, brown balloon. On the word "Go,” the first person in each team must continuously throw the balloon up and down in the air while trying to reach the finish line and then go back to their teammates. The next teen in the team repeats the same process. The first team who gets all its members to complete the relay wins the game. Teens will laugh at how funny their teammates look tossing the balloons.

Don't Say "Football"

Tell teens when they arrive that they cannot say "football.” Provide teens with three tiny footballs. If any teen says "football," another teen has to take away that teen’s football. Teens must be on the watch for someone saying “football.” The teen who collects the greatest number of footballs by the end of the party wins. It will be funny for teens to see each other try their best not to say football at a Superbowl party.

Football Helmet Cake

Cakes in funny shapes and sizes add a special touch to any event. Create a football helmet cake to bring some humor to your party. Purchase a helmet-shaped football cake pan in stores or online. Bake the cake according to package instructions. Ice the cake with your favorite sport team's colors. Add football picks and candles to the cake. Write a special Superbowl message on the cake like "Go Cowboys!"